Kerry’s interest in flowers goes back to her childhood. On his way to work, Kerry’s father discovered a part-time position available at a local flower boutique. At the age of 15, Kerry was your typical athlete who ate, slept and breathed basketball. She knew she needed a part-time job to help pay for the newly released basketball sneakers (that she was always asking for). When she wasn’t shooting hoops, or traveling for basketball on the weekends, she was playing with flowers. Shortly after working in a flower shop, Kerry acquired a love for flower arranging, and has been pursuing it ever since.

Along the way, Kerry received her bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University – where she served her senior internship at a local hotel in Philadelphia, PA. This experience was eye-opening, as she saw the “behind-the-scenes” of the execution of special events, of all sizes, from a planner’s perspective. She wanted to incorporate her love for flowers with her passion for events, and ultimately – event design. Kerry’s knowledge and excitement, not only for flowers, but their botanical counterparts – foliage, branches, herbs and succulents, gives her work a fresh and distinctive look.

Fabufloras LLC is a floral and event design company based in Horsham, PA. We only accept a limited number of events each year to ensure exceptional service. At Fabufloras we revel in creativity. We are inspired by each and every story, and we are passionate about design. The name itself, “Fabufloras” derives from a combination of three important words to Kerry – Fabrizio (her last name), Fabulous (her every-day mantra) and Flowers (in Spanish….well, because it rolled best with the first two). Whatever your needs, our design team offers personalized attention to every detail and will be sure to exceed your expectations.

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